The Secret to Building a Sustainable Brand

The word “brand” has become one of the most over used terms. Everyone from entrepreneurs to musicians and athletes refer to themselves as a ‘brand’. The true meaning of the word is lost.

While most people associated a brand with logo and slogan, that may not always hold true. A brand is first defined by the relationship is fosters. After that has been established, the focus shifts to logo, tag line, typography, colour scheme, photography, illustration and other aspects.  However, these elements do not really tell the true story of what a brand really is.

In order to build a sustainable brand, one has to:


While most of us want to go with our gut feeling, proper research and analysis of the target audience is necessary. It is essential to understand your audience in order to create a viable brand strategy. Listing down brand attributes that your target audience deems valuable is important. read more…


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